Setting Up for Spoleto

Last year, we broke down in the rain, and this year we set up in the rain! My husband (Bennett) and father (Franklin) saved the day with my set up...which shows me that there is need for multiple men in your life always (says the girl with three brothers!).

We got the walls up, anchored the tent down that wanted to blow away, and today, my old roommate and I hung all the art work. I just love the hustle and bustle of the park and all the other artists! Spoleto is my favorite 17 consecutive days. I get to be surrounded by gorgeous art, beautiful artists, and get to meet all sorts of wonderful passerby's. I hope to see your smiling face :)  

Come visit me! May 22–June 7, 2015: 10am–5/6pm on weekends. Marion Square, Charleston SC! My tent is off of Calhoun Street.